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September 15, 2021

I have practiced law for more than 25 years, a good part of it in Mount Vernon.In addition to serving as Corporation Counsel for the City of Mount Vernon, I have also been the Deputy Assistant Chief and the Senior Trial Attorney for the Law Department of the City of New York and have taken over 35 cases to verdict.

The outcome of the Mega Beverage case exhibits ineptness, arrogance, inexperience, and just plain incompetence. This case should never have gone to trial because the City of Mount Vernon had no defense for the wrongful actions of its officials. I negotiated a settlement of this case that would have saved the City over $3 million. I was overruled by the City Council, none of whom are lawyers.

The same attorney who mishandled the matter in the beginning was rehired by this administration after I fired him.

Unfortunately, rather than rely on competent professionals to protect the City’s interest, this administration has opted for “who you know” favoritism when it comes to legal representation, which approach explains why the taxpayers will foot a $3+ million judgment by a jury.

I am saddened for the citizens of Mount Vernon,hard-working people who deserve better from their government.

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