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March 2nd 2023 Fundraiser

Fundraiser in support of democratic mayoral candidate Andre Wallace.
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Mount Vernon mayor fumes over NYC exporting its homeless there

NY Post Sara Dorn November 2, 2019 7:36pm Mount Vernon Mayor André Wallace wants NYC to stop sending homeless people to his town. Helayne Seidman The mayors of towns who
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Andre Wallace Fundraiser January 12th 2023

Your presences requested at the fundraiser in support of Mayoral Candidate Andre Wallace for Mayor Mount Vernon, New York.
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Finger-pointing, blame, obstinate political leadership, stubborn inability to compromise, allegations of criminal wrongdoing, indecisive leadership, interruption in services, gridlock, instability and uncertainty all leading to government shutdown. I had intended
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Running on a Record of Success

While it is tempting to use this column to address the many fabrications my opponents spread like a cancer across social media, I have always viewed this column as a
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Can Mount Vernon Change?

The other day, while shopping in the supermarket, I saw a couple standing in front of me in line behind a woman with a child who was about 8 years
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